First Impressions

Being a student is not a thing I was looking forward to. Not only had I taken time off but I chose to attend a community college instead of a University. I think immediately people assume this means less fun, lower quality and a less respectable education. Well these are lies and myths, To be blunt. Upon the first day I knew that I had a group of compelling teachers with expansive knowledge who actually CARE! A truly astonishing transition from high school to be honest. Not only that, but I was also greeted with students who shared similar interests … Continue reading First Impressions

Update Pt. 2

My last update was about my very first audition as a commercial actress. Since then nothing has happened I was not cast for that commercial and I had not heard anything else from my agent since. That is until about three days ago. Three days ago I got an email that I was going to be an extra in a non-vocal ad for a new apartment building complex!! It does not sound like much but I think it is a very solid way to start the new year. In honor of this achievement, I will be recording how I prepare … Continue reading Update Pt. 2

Gap Year Girl Goes to School

I keep getting asked by adult people if I am “excited” to go back. Yea I took an eight-month break from my education because I am just dying to hit the books. NO, I am not excited a better word would actually be terrified. Although I am terrified I have discovered some ways to make it slightly less traumatic: Way #1 (What it feels like to spend your Christmas money on textbooks): If you are ordering your textbooks through your school chances are they are going to link you directly to the money sucker that is buying a brand new … Continue reading Gap Year Girl Goes to School

Three Major Reasons to Take a Gap Year and Other Valid Points:

Reason number one; you have attended school every year since you were five…needless to say, some of us get a little burnt out. I had always struggled in school, I was a slow learner who was very easily distracted and not particularly driven. A horrible combination of traits if you are attempting to be a decent student. So reason number one was simply, ya girl needed a break. Reason number two; see to me the words college and debt sound exactly the same. It’s basically the same word or maybe you could consider them a package deal? Either way, the … Continue reading Three Major Reasons to Take a Gap Year and Other Valid Points:

Law of Attraction:

The actual idea of this law is extremely simple. Whatever you put into the universe you receive back. The more negativity you release the less likely you are to excel. For example: If I said something like ” Well, I’m never going to be a model” that is showing that I myself doubt my own ability. The law of attractions most unpopular piece is the fact that it highlights each decision and every occurrence that happens to you is due to your own choice. Good and bad you had the control and the situation could have been vastly different if … Continue reading Law of Attraction:


To start off I would like to apologize for my inactivity. I’m not going to lie I have been watching The Walking Dead and sleeping during all of my free time lately.  The past few weeks I have picked up quite a few more hours at my jobs, however, I have realized that I let that be an excuse for not using my free time wisely and instead of being productive. So I am going to use this week to really set a healthy routine. Join me, whether you are working a dead end job to save, searching for a … Continue reading THE WALKING DEAD AND OTHER LAME EXCUSES